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Blending traditional and modern styles in Indian home construction

How JSW One Homes is changing the Indian housing industry

by JSW One Homes

When the COVID-19 pandemic established its foothold in India, it aggravated the problems that were already plaguing the housing construction industry. But just like everybody else, the industry is working its way out and trying to stand on its feet again. 

Now, when it comes to building your home, we firmly believe that you should be in complete control, with access to a host of verified professionals, quality products, and complete safety – the JSW way. We are committed to build a strong foundation that will last generations.

Who we are

JSW Group is ranked among the leading business houses in India. Our sustainable and innovative presence in diverse sectors such as energy, steel, paints, cement, infrastructure, sports, and venture capital has made us stand out from the others.       

We strive for excellence by leveraging our strengths and capabilities; which include an impeccable track record of executing technically complex and large capital-intensive projects, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, differentiated product mix, and greater, intense focus in the pursuit of sustainable growth.

JSW One Homes is a venture of the JSW Group, wherein the process of turning your vision of a dream home into reality begins with us. Our core ideology is, “you dream, we execute.”     

Let us now see how we are changing the housing construction industry in India. 

  • Transparent practices

Transparency, when it comes to business practices, is the basis for trust between us and our customers, investors, employees, and partners. Being transparent also means that we are honest and open while communicating with stakeholders about all matters related to business. When it comes to honest pricing, we offer customisable packages to fit your budget. So, you need not worry about surprises in your wallet. Moreover, you can make secure payments in instalments before each stage of your home-building process.

  • Turnkey solutions

We, JSW One Homes, offer a home construction experience that is truly hassle-free. This is because our sole aim is to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions. This truly makes us a one-stop destination for all things involving home building. Moreover, we work closely with expert construction professionals who are with you every step of the way, managing timelines, contractors, and budgets, exactly according to plan. Our hassle-free process involves merely 4 steps: (1) Meet the experts, (2) Customise your design, (3) Track the construction, and (4) Welcome to your new home.

  • Sustainable options

We offer our diverse clientele a wide range of sustainable options. Some of these include the use of recycled or reused raw materials that have been reprocessed. To take things up a notch above, we focus on renewable raw materials that are locally sourced and are non-toxic and non-allergenic. In addition, we also make use of Concreel HD cement or CHD cement which is the next generation of green cement. It is an eco-friendly product that promises superior cohesion, quick setting and increased durability.   

We are also in sync with residential construction industry trends, which will be accelerated as the direct economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these trends are mentioned below:

  1. Cost-effectiveness through technology: A major way by which technology is helping the construction industry of India is cost-effectiveness. We are able to control costs much easier with the usage of sophisticated and modern tools that we have adopted. We can keep a tight leash on all costs in a much more effective manner now. This helps us transfer the splendid benefits of cost optimization to our customers, who get homes at significantly lower rates.

  2. Digitisation and virtual tours: We have started with digitisation and virtual tours, which has helped us and many other large companies to reach and connect with the end customers directly. 

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  • On-time delivery

In the present-day scenario, on-time delivery of construction projects can turn out to be a challenging proposition. However, we have addressed this issue with robust planning, taking into account all variables such as client deliverables, timing and availability of resources, as well as productivity computations. In addition, the use and availability of cutting-edge technology at JSW One Homes also plays a major role in enabling us to ensure on-time delivery. 

From smart homes to smart interiors

by JSW One Homes

The convergence of design and technology is causing a breakthrough in the world of home interiors. The new digital systems are providing solutions connecting more elements in a house. These digital solutions are not just fads; they come with an array of advantages like increased convenience and functionality, energy savings and much-needed automation. These digitally assisted smart homes host an ecosystem that offers a superior living experience in alignment with the user’s lifestyle.

There has been so much talk about smart homes. Ever wondered what really is a smart home? Here are some key characteristics of a smart home: -

  1. It is sensorised. It collects data from the environment/user’s habits, for instance, at what hour of the day the blinds alter positions.

  2. These interconnected systems perform related exercises for different elements of the house, for example, turning on the lights when blinds are lowered.

  3. Voice interfaces allow users to control digital systems.

  4. The systems adjust to how elements are activated in the house as it gathers user data. That way, the (smart) home learns and makes decisions.

The smart home generally functions basis its relationship with the Internet. The home appliances are connected to a Wi-Fi network that is controlled by a tablet or a mobile phone. However, in many cases, smart homes also work on their own systems to activate, monitor and control the elements in the house. The major factors driving the demand for smart homes are comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency.

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Now that you know what a smart home is, let us have a look at how you can integrate digital solutions to turn your home into a smart one: -

  1. Start with identifying the pain points – Understand how automation will make a difference, not just in your house but also in your life. If missing parcels and packages is a problem, for instance, a doorbell with video functions would be of assistance. If crumbs underfoot are your pet peeves, you might want to upgrade to a robot vacuum. Once you have decided to invest in your home automation, figure out the appropriate location for your devices, control panels and equipment.

  2. Harness the design potential – Besides solving your problems, your devices should also align with the overall theme of your house. They should not look out of place in your home and should complement the décor in your house. For example, picture frame televisions can display good quality art or photographs when it is not in use.

  3. Sync your devices – Smart home devices are, in most cases, designed to integrate with systems already in use; for example, you can schedule the turn-on and turn-off time for your smart lights or use your voice commands to get the tasks done. The best thing about smart devices is their connection to different parts of your routine.

In some instances, linking up these devices can get a bit overwhelming. Hence you could start with basics like: -

  1. Security cameras and video doorbells

  2. Smart thermostats

  3. Multi-room audio systems

  4. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  5. Smart irrigation

  6. Smart touch switches

Whether building up a house from scratch or transforming an existing place, the most important thing to remember is that you do not need to buy all the gadgets on the market. Plan, design, and analyse your requirements so that you can find devices that are better aligned with your lifestyle. Even though these devices are designed to be intuitive, using technology gets easier with time and practice. As you get more accustomed to each device’s settings, the utilisation of these devices becomes better. Take some time to discover the options and determine which features make the more considerable differences in your lifestyle.  

How JSW One Homes provides complete payment security

by JSW One Homes

There are quite a few instances of malpractices and fraudulent transactions that are plaguing the home construction industry in India.

JSW One Homes has taken the bull by its horns regarding curbing malpractices. We follow a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to fraudulent practices and payment scams. Here we will discuss in-depth how we offer and ensure the safety of your hard-earned money while working with us.

Honest pricing

Honest pricing is the bedrock of JSW One Homes. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing. In addition, we offer customisable packages to efficiently fit your budget. Because there are no surprises to your wallet, there should not be an iota of worry from your end. You can make secure payments in the form of installments before the commencement of work on each stage of your home-building process.

Customisable packages

Our quotes are tailored to be in sync with your choices. If you are unhappy with a specific pricing module, we help you with alternate specifications to suit your needs. So, with us, you can customise your package according to your needs and convenience. One of the best features of our pricing policy is that there are absolutely no hidden charges. Every minute detail is as clear as a crystal. 

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No cost overruns

After the finalising of the quote, there is no room for error. With our No-Cost-Overruns Policy, you can rest assured that your say is final, especially when it comes to strict implementation of your predetermined budget. Moreover, with our promise of on-time delivery, you need not lose sleep over cost overruns.

Some of the key highlights of the payment guidelines are mentioned below:

  • Advance payments: The entire process of construction is divided into stages. So, we take an advanced payment prior to initiation of each stage to ensure that there are sufficient funds for carrying out work for that particular stage. 

  • Safety of payments: All payments eventually flow into our nodal account, where there is complete safety of your funds, with a stamp of assurance from the JSW Group. 

  • Pay-outs linked to stage-wise completion: Payments that need to be made to the contractor are executed only after completion of each stage. This ensures that you are always in control.

Benefits of paying in instalments

  • Limited resources: Even if you plan tirelessly for your monthly budget, you may have days when there is a lack of money for big expenditures, such as home construction. With no resources and a necessity at hand, you can opt to pay for your home construction in instalments. This ensures that there is no need to break the bank.

  • Convenience: With smaller instalments, you will be able to successfully pay for something as massive and important as home construction. By taking the advantage of paying in instalments, you will greatly benefit and fulfil your dream of building your home, something you have always wished for.

  • Genuineness of the contractor: By paying in instalments rather than a lump sum amount, you ensure that your contractor is genuine and not someone who will dupe you.

Final word:

We at JSW One Homes, provide complete payment security by offering you the flexibility of paying in instalments at every major stage of your home construction. Our payment security methods ensure that your hard-earned money is not lost when you are working towards building your dream home. We make sure that you get what you dreamt of and at a price that is not too heavy on your pocket. 

How to choose the best construction company to build your house?

by JSW One Homes

Are you on the lookout for the best construction company to hand over your home-building project so that you can just sit back and relax. Do you precisely know how to go about the selection process? Choosing the best construction company is crucial, and the entire process demands numerous, necessary considerations and forethought. Here, we are reviewing all the things you should consider while choosing the best construction company to build your dream home.

1. Experience in this niche domain

The ideal construction company that you may want to do business with should have exhaustive experience in this field. When the need arises to build homes and match the same with high architectural standards, experience is essential. So, you need to check the company’s credentials either online or through trustworthy sources about their prior work status.

2. Reviews among previous customers

Recommendations from friends and colleagues are always welcome. That said, you cannot always zero in on a company that has performed similar work that you are planning to execute. But you are absolutely free to contact the provided recommendations and carry out discussions regarding your project. Always keep in mind that satisfied customers are the best advocates.

3. One-stop destination

The entire process of home construction can be quite daunting. From laying the foundation stone to adding finishing touches to your home, you need the services of a company that can act as a one-stop destination. This will surely eliminate the need of overseeing the project, repeatedly. 

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4. Dependability

While carrying out research regarding a specific company’s experience and reading reviews about their completed projects, you also need to focus on their dependability and reputation in the industry. If a company is a highly dignified one, it will successfully execute the task within the stated deadline to build on its reputation. Moreover, they will not go beyond the predetermined budget.

5. Thorough understanding of architectural designs

It is highly advisable to choose a construction company that has a thorough and in-depth understanding of the design works, or can give you access to professionals who do. This is supremely necessary to match up to a high quality of construction. Selecting the right company will ensure adhering to the budget and avoiding new home construction problems.

6. Management capability

When all employees maintain excellent work relationships, the status of the project is understood by one and all. So, they are capable of doing the needful when it comes to completing the project within the predetermined deadline. So, to effectively execute a construction project in a timely manner, excellent management is necessary throughout the company.

7. Advising In financial matters

If your project is in good and safe hands, then you will precisely know and thoroughly understand the project’s estimated budget. Besides, a highly competent construction company will offer valuable advice when it comes to upcoming financial decisions.

JSW One Homes is a premier home construction company to work within India. With the ultimate goal of becoming the best construction company in India, JSW One Homes is known for the following:

  • Creative design solutions

  • Usage of premium quality materials

  • On-time delivery

  • Sustainable options

  • Pricing transparency

The final word

Being diligent while zeroing in on the best construction company, you can surely avoid major hiccups. Look out for companies that have stood the test of time, with an added reputation of being upfront, fair, and honest with their pricing, experience and abilities. Excellent home construction companies are committed to the project as well as the client, stay transparent, and offer the highest quality, in terms of both experience and results.

How can Virtual Reality save time and cost in your home construction

by JSW One Homes

Simply put, Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that lets you explore and interact within a computer-stimulated environment in a way that is close to reality. VR systems can differ depending on the intent and the technology used, most commonly being non-immersive, semi-immersive and fully immersive. Today, the construction industry only uses non-immersive and semi-immersive VR technology. Fully immersive VR is still in a very infant stage. Non-immersive VR is a 3D simulated environment accessible via a computer screen, whereas a semi-immersive VR only offers a partial virtual experience. It can be accessed through a computer screen or some type of glasses or headset.

Now, keeping basics aside, JSW One Homes is here to help you figure out how VR is beneficial in saving you time and cost during your home construction.

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1.Understand the design better - Basic plans and drawings on paper, photos or videos made of 3D models, and in some cases, miniature physical models were all the ways designers had to communicate their designs before VR. All of these are useful but have their limitations. The biggest is that they transfer only part of the design and leave the rest to the customer's imagination. It can often be challenging for you to understand this and confidently give feedback to architects/designers. With VR, you enter directly into the design and experience the architect's ideas in the first person. This way, you can understand the structure exactly as the designer saw it, give clear feedback early and avoid costly repairs later.

2.Better visualisation of space –Visualising spaces from 2D drawings, photos, or even 3D rendering is difficult. You will be placed directly in your future home thanks to VR immersion. You can walk around and look around to accurately measure the space you are building. Immersion is the main difference between VR and all visual technologies before it. This can result in timely structural changes to your homes and have a substantial positive impact on cost, schedule and overall home-building experience.

3.Easy selection of products -Spending the day in multi-brand showrooms to select each product for your house is a thing of the past. With advanced VR and cloud technologies, it is possible to bring all your favourite products and brands directly into your home design in a realistic way. This includes everything from fixtures and finishes to furniture and interior design. You can also check out the best deals and more to decide on your options.

4.Effective communication and collaboration - The best part of a VR experience is that you can walk into your dream house with your family and your architect/designer in a very comfortable and collaborative setting. This allows you to look at the design together and share your thoughts freely and effectively. You could even share the design with friends or relatives, inviting them to experience and share feedback using mobile VR in construction technologies. The architect/designer can then use all this feedback to refine the design to your satisfaction.

5.Meet timelines -One of the reasons that construction has not caught up with other industries is that the construction site is constantly changing. This constant state makes it difficult to predict and follow schedules. Even a small change can add days or weeks. VR technology allows 3D models to be updated in real time, so trailer operators can see conditions as they change and adapt to them almost instantly. Logistics and asset real-time are simplified and specified.

6.Better decision-making -Just as VR enables faster decision-making, it also allows better decisions. VR promotes a better and quicker understanding of shared thoughts, as it offers a spatial experience that leaves little room for misinterpretation. This better understanding means fewer change orders, and less rework, which means shorter project timelines and increased safety.

4 ways JSW One Homes will save you time and money


There are many ways we, JSW One Homes, will help you save money as well as save time when it comes to the construction of your dream home. Although the entire process of house construction is expensive, you can enjoy significant savings because of our comprehensive construction processes which put you in complete control of your project. With our experienced and professional partners, duly vetted by JSW One Homes, there is simply no compromise on the quality of the execution of the work.

1. One-stop solution for everything

One of the best reasons for you to choose us for a construction job is the fact that there is absolutely no necessity to deal with a diverse set of stakeholders. Through JSW One, you get all your requirements fulfilled in one place. With us, you get easy access to architects, contractors, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and any other professional involved in the building of homes. 

This saves you a vast amount of time, otherwise spent dealing with diverse stakeholders. 

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2. Get your work done as per promised timeline

A significant issue can be the timeline. While it is quite understandable that home construction and building need time to complete, it can be extremely frustrating, especially in the initial stages.

When it comes to traditional building methods, you will initially receive plans for the project, with the further necessity to compare several bids to decide which contractor you will go with. JSW One provides thoroughly vetted contractors to help you execute the construction at extremely competitive prices. You give approval to the plans, and the construction process begins.

3. Improve on-site efficiency

By enhancing efficiency on the job site, we help reduce time wastage. We use some of the most efficient and state-of-the-art technology to plan the stages of construction and help you monitor the progress regularly. The planning is optimized so as to maximize the throughput of labour available on site.

4. We help you manage your budget

Construction tasks can become a tad too expensive for you, especially when you are unsure of what you’re doing. JSW One Homes enables you to stay on top of actual spends vs budget at every step. Our processes ensure no surprises. You get to approve any unplanned deviations from the planned costs.

We will also show you that a thoroughly planned budget does not mean that you need to sacrifice comfort or style; you can still lay your hands on high-quality materials and retain the flexibility to change your mind with respect to some material choices at any stage of the construction.

The final word

When you seek someone to help you with a construction job, you obviously want the best that your money can buy. We will be more than happy to meet your needs and requirements and even end up helping you save a lot of money.

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